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How To Get Orders On Fiverr Fast With Cold Emails .

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 Hi everyone, in this post, I want to share with you step by step how to promote your Fiverr gigs or any freelancing service with cold emailing. I will share everything the templates you have to use, the free tools, everything you need to know to start today promoting your gigs, and getting your first orders to stay tuned. Hii everyone, I'm Hassan from educating, and today I'm so excited to publish

How To Get Orders On Fiverr Fast With Cold Emails

 part three of my freelancing pro series after we explained what is freelancing, what the best practices are, how to create your Fiverr profile, how to publish your first gig and rank it, and so on, today we are going to start the most important thing in freelancing or any online business which is marketing which is promoting the services so whether you are a freelancer on Fiverr on Upwork or you work as a private freelancer, this post is really very important if you want to promote your services with cold mailing so as I promised you we are going to learn in detail how to promote your services 

and in this post, this mini-course, we will see how cold emailing is very powerful to promote your services, so what we are going to cover simply number one what is called mailing then we are going to see how we can collect data how we can collect targeted emails to promote our services to how to build a free system to start sending emails how to be a professional in the cold mailing I will share with you some templates everything you need to start promoting your gigs and your services with 

cold emailing this post is so important don't miss any millisecond in this post let's start together what is called mailing but don't forget before we start if you like to watch more posts like this about freelancing working online, digital marketing making money online, and much so let's start what is called mailing in just 30 seconds simply cold mailing is sending a bunch of emails like sending 100 emails 200 emails maybe 1 000 emails to specific people related to 

your niche trying to promote your services, but be careful we are not spamming here, so you are sending emails to people to specific people trying to open a connection between you the freelancer and your upcoming clients, so you are going to talk to people and discuss your service then if they are interested they will get your service and so on so, of course, we are not going to send one million emails and putting the links and spamming people no we are going to send cold emails trying to open a connection between you and other targeted people so this simply called mailing how to start and what to do let's see together I think the best way to explain this is to go with a 

the direct real example so let's say I am now a freelancer and I want to promote my services and let's say I provide mainly two services the first one is I do optimize a youtube channel like I create thumbnails for youtube posts I maybe optimize posts for SEO and so on and by the way if you like to learn some skills like this to provide as a freelancer you can go to my channel here, and you will see this post six Fiverr gigs that require no skills and zero dollars you can learn like five or six skills in 30 minutes so you can provide as a freelancer also you can go here down to this post five Fiverr gigs that require no skills and zero knowledge and then also other five skills so if you are a total beginner you can go watch these posts learn some skills and then continue 

with us and also, by the way, I have this full post about promoting Fiverr gigs, and in this post, I mentioned five methods five strategies to promote the gigs, and the first one was called mailing, so in this post, I'm going in-depth in the first strategy which is cold mailing anyway so let's say I am a freelancer who provides youtube services as an example, so your first step is to identify your target audience is to identify your prospects is to identify your clients so if my service is about creating youtube thumbnails or optimizing youtube posts which are my target audience 

You must know. Obviously, they are YouTubers, so I'm going to do now to search for YouTubers and collect data about YouTubers or collect emails for YouTubers so. As an example, let's say you are not a client, and this is my channel. How to get my email simply you go here and click on the about section and then you will see here view the email address, and this is my email you just copy it and open an excel file or a notepad whatever you want and copy

this address and just paste it here so we have now the first one the first email and don't also forget to copy the channel name if you are if you want to later personalize the emails I will talk about this later so this is the channel name, and this is the email very nice so in this way you are going to collect channel emails okay so just go to youtube and start searching for channels you can search for small channels and try to build an email list for this channel another option is to collect email addresses using google as an example let's say you are providing an SEO service so your target audience is website owners okay so simply you can do 

this on google open double quote write SEO and then say at gmail.com and you will have a list of people that are related to SEO you can simply control a and go to supertools.com see this track it's very nice to go here to email text extraction tool just paste everything and click on get data and now edge super tools will extract all the emails from this page you can see 71 emails so also you can copy them and go and paste in a different notepad for SEO services so this is the first step which is collecting email by the way if you go here to 

 I have a full post about prospecting how to collect email addresses in detail, like 20-minute posts. If you go down here, you will find this post lead generation prospecting in this post 22 minutes explaining how to collect targeted email lists targeted emails for cold emailing this post is critical it's totally for free the tools are free just go and start collecting an email list a targeted email list, so I don't want to waste more time on this, so the first step is to collect targeted emails from google from youtube maybe from the website as an example if you go to my website hdk.com and 

you want to contact me, you simply open the website and go down here you'll find like about us page you open it searching for my email as an example let's see here follow contact me at this email so in the same way you can contact and collect emails from websites, please go and watch this post I explained everything in detail which post here this post it's essential, so this is the first step which is collecting and building a targeted email list so now we have the emails what to do how we can send bulk emails how we can send one email to 

all these people in one click what is the easiest way, so the second step is to prepare your email system is to set up the cold email system to send bulk emails in one click to many people at once so now I will tell you the easiest way to do this and for free so let's say you collected like 50 emails or 100 emails and you want to send in one time simply can go to gmail.com your Gmail free account then you can install an extension this extension is a chrome extension called let's open my services email just to show you this in practice so what you are going to do simply is to install a plugin called glass just go here to mask chrome extension mask is a mail merge extension for Gmail what's nice you can start for free 

it's straightforward to use, so as an example, I click here on compose, and now in the recipient section, you will paste all the email addresses, so let's go here and copy like multiple email addresses like this copy, and you paste here to enter the subject line whatever you want the message, and here you find this mask button just open you can set the options whatever you want to send a test email it has a lot of awesome tools and click on mask to send this bulk campaign, so it's like an email marketing system inside your Gmail account this is the easiest

 the way I think to start with for beginners, but we have a small important point I mentioned in my other posts about freelancing I think it's essential to go with a business email like this one service hdk.com you can see it looks more professional as a freelancer so you can join like g suite or have your own business email as explained in my courses whatever you want so if you can start with a business in an email it will be a lot more professional 

when you contact people so simply you paste the contacts here like this you can paste-like 100 emails and click on mask to send, and what's nice about gms it allows you to monitor open rates click rates who replied and you can auto follow up and so on so it's like a cold email system an email system inside Gmail of course glass also has a paid plan if you want to send more and more emails and get more features but let's see glass dot co but anyway as a beginner you can start totally for free and then if you have a lot of clients you want to 

scale-up you can if you want to buy the premium service let's see the pricing of games you can start like eight dollars per month 12 dollars and 19, but as I mentioned, you can start totally for free by the way, I'm not subscribed I use it only for free like I sent like 400 emails per day, so I think for beginners it's perfect the second option if you want is to use my free super email sender if you go here to my website go to educate go to downloads super email sender this is a small application that allows you to send bulk emails in the easiest way

 you will ever see it's totally free you can just download, and I explained it in detail in my channel so let's see this page super email sender this is the application just go and download here it's totally free, and then you go here to my channel and just search for super email sender I think the post, yes that's it and watch this post to understand how this application works in detail by the way all the posts all the links will be in the description below so 

I will not waste your time searching for these posts. You'll find everything here in this post so just watch this post to learn how to use the application. You can start sending bulk emails using your own Gmail account for free and sending these called emails, so this is the option. It's also free. You can go with it, and by the way, I have good news for you this month like maybe two or three weeks from now, I will publish the new super email center. 

an application which has a lot of more features and will be really amazing I'm very excited about it just to show you how it will look you can see here the campaign builder we can run multiple campaigns we can manage our list more powerfully here we have a lot of more templates option we can add delivery services like postal API we can connect google API we can track bounces track open rates track and subscribes go in-depth and detailed logs and much 

much more, so I hope soon I will publish this awesome application that will be available on my website also so this is about the second choice you have, which is using super email sender with your Gmail account or if you have an SMTP as I explained in my email marketing posts how to build an SMTP and send unlimited emails if you go to my academy by the way just to show you this you will find here on how to build a full cold outreach email marketing system to send unlimited emails or how to build on windows and so on anyway so if you are following my courses if you build your own SMTP you can also use to send unlimited emails per day so this is the idea this step two is building your own email system I think the easiest way is to go with gms or use my super email sender which is totally for 

Free, or if you have any other systems like mautic mail whiz, as I explained in my other posts in my email marketing posts, you can use whatever you want. In my academy here, we have a free email marketing mastery course for beginners. I really recommend you to go and watch it now to understand how email marketing works, how to build your own systems, and much much more. It's totally free; I will also keep the link in the description below, so this is about building the system, which is step two in this process so now we have the email list we have our system now we are ready to send and start promoting our services and here is the main important I think the main important point because we need to

 Write a perfect template with the perfect subject line to attract people to communicate with you, and then get your first orders to make things easy. I will share these two templates called template one direct approach and cold template to the referral hack. I will not go now and waste your time by reading line by line and word by word. The main purpose of these two templates is to allow you understand how to write a cold email as a freelancer, so as an example, just in one minute, you can see here in this template the first two paragraphs you are going to build a relationship with the prospect as an example I wanted to reach out and give you heads up that I've loved your service you share the service here.

 his service or his website or whatever he is doing and then you provide your service you tell him about your work as you're working with other businesses you can share your history or whatever then you ask him if he wants a chat about your service and how to improve his service and so on and at last you can share a link to your portfolio, and this is why I said in the first post in this series it's very important to have a portfolio so maybe this person is reading this and opens your portfolio and see your work you will have a higher chance to get a reply and open a communication with this person this is number one this is number two the referral hack it's somehow shorter so here you build a relation at the same time and then you ask him to connect for and providing your service and so on so simply i will link i will keep

 these templates in the description below just download read them understand how to write a cold email template as a freelancer then you may alter or change some words and so on so it reflects your own business, your own service, and then you'll be ready to send your bulk code email campaign now why I shared two templates because we have an essential tip here when you send an email campaign even in email marketing and regular image marketing

 campaigns and newsletter usually we do something called a b split test what is this simply you send the campaign let's say as an example you collected 50 email addresses or 100 email addresses what you are going to do simply writes one template for the first 50 and one templates for the second 50 and send the campaign so you can see which template is performing better so you can use it later on in the upcoming campaigns this is what we call an ab split test so till now we understood what is called mailing I told you how to collect emails, please watch my posts in the description below uh I told you how to send bulk campaigns 

how to build a small code email system for free to send emails I shared with you some tips, some templates all the links on the description below, please go download them watch the posts, and you'll be able to start promoting your gigs your Fiverr gigs your freelancing services using cold email marketing believe me this is one of the best methods to get new clients, and I think it's the fastest way and the easiest way to start with to collect and build new relations with new people and provide 

your services now after you send the email let's say you send like 100 emails maybe you'll get like 20 replies or 10 replies then you have to communicate with those people and tell them about the service how you will help them and negotiate about the price and so on and then I will be more than happy if you get your first five or ten clients from your first cold email campaign I hope you enjoyed this post please if you have any questions anything you want I tried my best not to go more than three minutes in this post I want to keep it small to get almost all ideas and by the way on

 On my channel, I have a lot of posts about email marketing about cold emails. I have a lot of posts here. This is why I don't want to waste your time again, explaining the same concepts. You can go here to my playlist and go down here. You'll find that you will find the email marketing q and a session you will find the cold email marketing playlist the email marketing training series 54 posts you can watch them learn a lot of new concepts I think you will never find somewhere else because I'm sharing my experience email marketing you can see here how to build SMTP servers to send unlimited emails you can go to my academy watch my free course you will find a lot of value I hope so so, please go watch these posts build your campaigns and promote your services see you later you.