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The Easiest Way To Make Money Online With Instagram

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If you post a story, you earn seven dollars if you post a photo you earn 18 if you post a post 33 dollars in this post, the easiest way to make money online with Instagram stay tuned [Music] you don't need a website. You don't need to sell any product. You don't need to create the post and go on the camera; it works from any country only from your mobile phone. With Instagram, you can make money online in 

The Easiest Way To Make Money Online With Instagram

this post you don't have any excuse to start working with your mobile. I'm Hasan from educate and stu cold here, so let's start directly in our topic and don't waste more time but please don't forget if you like to watch more post like this about digital marketing online business and making money online please don't forget to subscribe now to my channel and turn on notifications to get every new update almost every day so let's start our work directly 

Now you know my honesty is one of the main rules here on my channel to make money on Instagram. It's not that that that simple as I explained in the introduction just by posting, you need to do some work, but I believe this method that I will show you in this post is one of the easiest methods anyone can do. You need only your mobile phone, or you want Instagram, so please follow up. I will explain everything to start, and I will share some free tools I developed to grow. 

On Instagram, so please don't miss any minute. This post may really change your phone change your Instagram account into a money-making machine. Let's start, so I think like everyone here has an Instagram account. If you don't have one, you can just go to instagram.com and create one. It's free and so simple, so here is my Instagram account up and on my desktop and my browser and you can see I have like 1 200 followers, so the idea here about this post is to create an Instagram account to get some followers like

 1 000 followers to have a good engagement with your post in your account and then you can simply sponsor other people like posting a sponsored posts as sponsored images on your profile so in that case you just post an image and you make money you post a post, and you earn money that's simply the first step here in this strategy is to build a good Instagram profile and this I'm going to share with you now in detail how to build an Instagram profile how to create posts very easily and for free and then how to sponsor others and how to know how much your Instagram profile

the value so we can charge people on so I explain everything this post is really so interesting, so this is my profile, and any of those posts I publish on my profile gets at least around 40 or 30 percent engagement so at least it reaches 300 or 400 people out of 1200, so I think it's a very good engagement rate so how to create such posts that give you a high engagement rate let's see together let's say I want to create like this one like this post it's a small code with a background image now you may tell me I don't know any codes I don't want to search and find and whatever I don't know how to get free images don't worry I will show you how to create these posts now in one minute what you are going to do simply is to go to canva.com now it's totally free you don't need any premium membership 

everything explained is free go here to create a design and click on the Instagram post it will give you the optimal Instagram size or the best size for an Instagram post what you are going to do here simply is go to photos and choose a free photo you can see this is my free photo here I will put it right click and click set image as a background and by the way canva has a mobile application you can do all this on mobile so just add this background so simple in one click now you may tell me from where I can get those codes, by the way, the quotes you see here I write them but you don't need to 

Think and search a lot. I will give you a free website to get hundreds, maybe thousands of free codes to create on your profile, so let's open a new tab and open a website called brainycode.com. That's it. By the way, all the links are in the description below, so don't worry about the links. It's brainycode.com. Here you'll find a lot of codes. Let's say you want to add motivational codes. Open this, and now you can see we have many motivational codes here we can just copy and paste.

 Let's say I want to get this one, just open it, and by the way, you can also create it here on brainy code. It gives you a free image, but we will use canvas because I think it's more professional so just copy this. Go here to canvas and ctrl v to paste it like this let's change the font make it as an example 71 put it here and let's change the phone set it to this one as an example or this one very nice that's it you finished an image you can resize it like this if you can if 

you go here you see this love icon or like icon go-to elements I will say love anything you get here, put it here, resize it like this, and here we are. We have the post we have the image to post on our profile. Simply click on download the image download and then post on your profile. What you are going to do is to post at least three-four or five times per day on your profile, something that people's love to get some engagement on your profile to get a high engagement rate so later on, when you wanna post a sponsored photo, the price will be higher and you can earn more money if you have higher engagement on your profile. Hence, now you have your Instagram account,

 you learned how to create Instagram posts very easily using canvas and brainy codes, and by the way, if you have some ideas, you can use it; you can use whatever you want. Just be sure to post every day like three or four or five times to get a high engagement on your Instagram profile so now we have the profile, we have the post, and you started posting now the main question is how to grow your Instagram how to get at least one thousand followers so you can get like ten dollars or twenty dollars per post on your profile simply go to my youtube channel and then go to the post and here you will find this post how I got 920 Instagram followers in 13 days only if you want you can watch this post to take some ideas but in general two main rules to grow. 

your Instagram profile two main rules keep in mind number one is to post daily be a consistent post, add the appropriate tags add appropriate hashtags now when you post on Instagram, let's say I want to post something, I will add a photo anything now just to show you this let's say I want to post go downloads this post you say next here you can add here hashtags you can see as the example code whatever and when you are writing on Instagram it will give

 you some relevant hashtags and suggestions and will give you how much posts we have in each hashtag so you can see here we have for this hashtag 117 million posts, so it's very hard to rank on this tag you have to get somehow low competition tags so to help you I created a free tool that gives you a big list of hashtags with the post number so you can choose the best for your account as a beginner starting to rank on easy hashtags so in the description below you will find a link download my free tool I will open it now to show you how it works please focus well it's very important to follow up with me after you download the tool you will have these files just open you don't need to install anything

 Just open the application, you will find this simple application. What you are going to do is simply let's say you want to post about codes so say codes and click on find and you can see in like two seconds it will give you a big list of hashtags simply filter by post or sort by post and go down and search for hashtags with the low number of posts you can see here like 200 000 posts we have here 1 billion or 11 billion I don't know how much it's a very big number so use this free application to get a

list of hashtags let's say you want to search for dogs as an example anything clicks on find and again, it will give you a full list of hashtags about dogs sort and get the low number of post hashtags to use in your post search for whatever you want in my case maybe I search for digital marketing email marketing online business it depends on your niche but if you have a general profile about codes or whatever you can search for codes search for whatever you want but as a bit of small advice also go and be specific select any select a target topic so when you want to sponsor someone you will have a targeted niche where people will love to sponsor their photos and post on your 

Profile, so get a list of tags using my free simple hashtag tool. Now here is a small important point you have to know this tool sometimes doesn't work directly using this button this find button it gives you an error as an example if you click now on find sometimes it gives you this or something went wrong don't worry just go here on the extract from JSON and enter the keyword here again like as an example dog and copy this full URL step to copy it open your web browser just paste the URL here so 

simple and then copy this response all data here copy ctrl c and then paste in the output section here and click read hashtags the same operation to read everything sometimes it has somehow an authentication problem with Instagram so you can fix this using this manual method any way it's too simple to use, and it will give you a full list of hashtags you can also export to CSV and keep on your pc you can build a library of hashtags using this application so you can use whenever you want so just go download application from the description below and use it to generate a list of hashtags to use in your profile so this is how you can start on Instagram create a profile create posts using 

canva totally for free using brainy code to get some codes if you don't have any ideas it will give you directly some codes to post on your profile watch my post about growing instagram you can go and watch more post about the growing on instagram i'm really honest with you i'm not that expert in instagram but i'm sharing with you my knowledge you can watch other post you can maybe watch courses whatever you want just to grow your instagram profile to reach at least like 1 000 followers in a specific niche and get somehow a high engagement rate now after you do this maybe it will take you like two weeks three weeks four weeks it depends on your work and by the way it doesn't take more than three minutes a day so please just try it just try to do this after that you'll go to a website called socialbluebook.com and see your values so after you sign up and connect your platform as an example here my facebook page the gate post cost only twenty dollars it depends on your profile here is my youtube channel you can see i can post a post and earn up to 1 300 dollars per per post this is because my channel has somehow a big audience and a high engagement rate this is my instagram profile i have 1200 followers i have 7.6 engagement percentage i have like 92 likes per post approximately so my suggested price per post is

 33 dollars per post per photo is 18, so you can see it's somehow simple to start with this online business using only your Instagram profile with mobile, so I think the item is clear. I explained almost everything you need to know. Now the last question you may ask is how I can find sponsors how I can find people who want to post on my profile before I tell you this just one important point don't transfer your Instagram profile into an ad directory or a profile just filled with ads no don't post every day a story for someone else or a photo for someone else keep things normal let people love your content you can do this maybe once per week maybe twice per week maybe three times per week but not or an everyday couple of posts just make things real and keep people engaged with your profile later on you grow more and more you have more followers you can add a lot more than this with only one post as you can see on my channel with only one post I can make one.

 thousand dollars now how we can find someone that may be interested in posting on our profile how we can connect with other people let's see together number one is something you can do you can contact people and ask them if they want to sponsor something on your profile have used two main methods using cold emailing you can call mail targeted people as I explained in my other post or you can simply contact them on Instagram so simply can search for people in your niche and ask them if they are interested in posting on your profile and promoting something in your profile method number two which is somehow automated when your profile is visible on Instagram we have servers like socialbakers.com where people can find influencers so people will find you automatically so please don't worry a lot now from day one how you will get your first ad how you promote someone just focus 

Now on promoting and growing your Instagram profile, getting a high engagement rate getting a high number of followers, then, later on, you will see how people will contact you automatically to promote something on your profile. I'm telling you this from my experience. Believe me, every day on my email on my private messaging, I get people asking me to promote something, so please don't worry about this step from now. Just go and start step one, create a post every day, build your profile on Instagram, and you will see how you'll be successful later on.